Spotlight Event: Damon Curtis at Aero Crafters

It’s been almost a year since Damon Curtis left behind a steady paycheck to focus on his passion for country music.

“I sat behind a desk all day, every day… and it finally got to a point to where it was like, ‘Am I going to take this music thing serious?'” Curtis, 29, said.

In April of 2018, Curtis, a Moulton native, took his career in music full-time.

“It was a real change,” Curtis said. “I went from making a decent living to eating ramen noodles and stuff again.”

Looking back, Curtis said he would do everything exactly the same.

“If I could take anything back from all this, it’s that I would have quit a lot sooner to chase this dream, and that’s not saying anything bad on my old job,” Curtis said. “This is where my heart is, this is my passion, I wish I would have gotten a jump start on this a lot sooner.”

George Strait, Keith Whitely and Randy Rogers are some of his country idols, Curtis said.

Don’t miss him at Aero Crafters on Saturday as part of the Aero Crafters’ One Year Anniversary Party.

“You can expect a bunch of original songs and a bunch of covers,” Curtis said. “I’ll be telling stories about my songs and where I come from… it’ll be a good time.”

To check out his latest music on iTunes, go here. If you’re more of a Spotify person, follow Damon here.