FooteNotes: Chef seeks to revamp catering scene

Written by Chef James Foote of the Cicada Catering Company

When someone asks why we named our catering company after a cicada it’s simple, it invokes a feeling. If you’re from South Texas the sound brings back memories of being a kid. It’s as if nature is sounding an alarm for a changing of seasons. I hear it as a wake up call for chefs, a time to reinvent. That’s what we aim to do with our food.

Being able to bring that experience to our guests is our goal.

At our most recent event, we partnered with the Junior League of Victoria. We were given the opportunity to cook for their annual charity ball dinner. Being able to work with people I personally went to high school with is kind of crazy, seeing as how my friends have started to create their own businesses.

This year, the event was hosted at a new venue, which proved to be a logistical challenge. The problem with that is there a very few dinner-friendly venues in our city. It takes significant planning to work service in these older buildings. We had a small ticket booth to stage our food for the entrée. You really have to make sure everything is accounted for in these situations.

Whether it be a local charity, family wedding, or just a simple family-style meal, we aim to create memorable moments by delivering a quality-crafted event catered to your vision.

To contact the Cicada Catering Company for your next event, you can reach them at 361-935-1015.

Photo Contributed by Amanda Wilburn.
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